Friday, February 19, 2016

Be All God WANTS

The texting began early yesterday morning before I left for work and went like this (please forgive the typos….I’m quoting the exact ‘conversation’.  Also, the text in parenthesis in the conversation below are my comments to you….not part of the conversation!  I’m pretty sure you could figure that out….this is the part of me that wants to be sure I am communicating well.  Again, I say it again….it is exhausting being me!!):

ME:  Where do you want to go today?  It’s ur bday so u decide!  Im good with anywhere.  Also if something came up and if its best for u to not go, ill understand (Notice the people-pleaser part of me rearing its ugly head?)

HER:  what time do you get off work?

ME:  1:15

HER:  You say where.  About 1:30? (It takes me a while to respond…I am pondering about whether to let her off the hook about deciding where….I don't want to decide where.  What if it is a place she does not like?  What if…..blah, blah, blah!  Exhausting I tell you!)

ME:  what happened to u decide?  its ur bday!  I don’t know where or care insert smiley face.  I can be anywhere u say by 1:30 (Yes!  I am so proud of myself!!)

HER:  how about Cheesecake Factory? 

ME:  (Barely able to control myself) Y shore!  Got to go vacuum the Pier!  (I work at Pier 1) See ya later!

Just in case you have not read my posts this week, you might want to read the last three just to catch up and understand why this is such a great recommendation for a place to eat!!!

Be all God wants.  We looked at the be, the all, and the God….it is now time for the WANTS.

Be all God WANTS

There are two aspects of WANT I’d like to address:
1.  He WANTS to bless us! 
    I marveled yesterday as I sat at the Cheesecake Factory with my friend and celebrated her life and looked at this Factory Chopped Salad (FCS) sitting in front of me. 
   The very thing I just wrote about a couple of days earlier!! The very thing I had to go to the Internet to get a picture of so I could put it in the earlier post was on my plate with my fork in it!! I could take a picture of my very own FCS!!!  It hit me….God WANTS to bless me! Provide for me. Love on me!

   Now some of you may be thinking....."of course she suggested the Cheesecake Factory!!  You just wrote about loving to go there in a Blog...on the Internet!"  Here's the deal though....most of my friends and the people at church have NO idea I write this blog!!  Yep....insecurity rearing its ugly head too!!  I still believe God WANTS to pour out His blessings!

2.  Creation needs woman…but God WANTS us!

Genesis 2:18-20 tells us that ‘it was not good for the man to be alone’.  This is quite outrageous because each time God completes a phase of His amazing, beautiful creation it was ‘good’!  This time, however, it was 'not good'!  God was about to make a ‘helper suitable’ for him.

Make sure we stop and see how NEEDED we are not only as women….but as a woman!!  You….not simply the gender.

God was about to create something NEEDED!!  You are needed!!  When was the last time you felt needed????  And what did He mean by needed??

Needed to clean up messes?  Cook meals?  Were we a luxury or a pet for man?  NO!  We were the perfect answer to a need:  a helper suitable.

The key here is in the word helper.  It comes from the Hebrew word Ezer.  An Ezer is a strong warrior!!  God created us to be a strong warrior!  Oh, how I could go on and on about this…maybe another post!!

But here’s the beautiful thing…..creation/man needs us   But God?  God doesn’t need us.  He WANTS us.  He WANTS to have an amazing friendship with us like He did with Moses!

AND He WANTS me JUST AS I AM!!!  Messed up, burned out, hurt, broken, stupid.  Amazing!  I am WANTED by God.  And so are you!!

Be all God wants!!  It’s a blast!!

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