Friday, February 12, 2016


Have you ever had one of those moments at church or with a church member when something done or said is just so ridiculous that your response (maybe to yourself) is a sarcastic “really?”  I try very hard to keep my tongue in control but sometimes my brain runs wild.  However, it was really hard to keep both my tongue and brain reined in one Sunday not too long ago.

We have really morning Praise Team practice so I was at the church early and midway through rehearsal.  A few people trickled into the sanctuary, and I naively thought they were coming to get a sneak peak at the music for worship.  Hardly!

I noticed one lady walked to “her” pew on the back center row and placed what looked like green cards on the seats.  Hmm, I thought.  Then I realized what she was doing.  She was “reserving” her spot on “her” pew.  “Really?”

A few minutes later an older gentleman came in to the sanctuary and placed his Bible on “his” pew.  Now, I am confused.  The man was obviously going to Sunday School so don’t you think he would need his Bible?  “Really?”

The fact that these individuals “reserved” their spot for service was not the big issue.  The main thing for me was that these people sit every Sunday in the same spot and only interact with those immediately around them.  I have never seen them welcome a guest or offer their seat to a visitor.  “Really?”

If we are the body of Christ, shouldn’t we be willing to give up “our” seat or offer a friendly “hello” to guest who visit the church?  Because our service begins a little earlier than normal, I have seen people come in late for service, look for a spot at the back of the church and leave because no one will offer a seat to them.  Also, I have seen guest arrive late and they must walk to the front of the church to find a seat.  “Really?”  Where do you think the eyes of members are when visitors must walk to the front during worship?  It is certainly not on the God.

Last, our church is short on parking these days.  Our members have been asked to park away from the church so guest can have easy access to the buildings.  However, the same people park in the same spot Sunday after Sunday (and sometimes in the Visitor Parking).  “Really?”  Shouldn’t we as a body of Christ be more welcoming?

You may think I am venting and perhaps I am.  However, I do believe that we as ministers’ wives are not immune from doing the same thing.  I would imagine there are some of us who sit in the same spot every Sunday or park in the same area.  “Really?”  I am challenging myself and all of you to be a better example to our members.  Offer your seat to a visitor.  Take a moment to welcome them and find out how your church can assist them. 

Let’s be the church to the lost world!

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Sara said...

I believe it was Phil Young's wife, Kim, that told the story of when her children were small and she was always running a little behind that she would end up sitting in a different place each week. Someone commented on it and said how wonderful they thought that was that she "chose" to sit in different places with different people each week. I try to remember that when I pick a seat each week at church. I am fully baptist, but I honestly prefer the front.

Don't you wonder what those folks would have done had you moved their "markers" or called them out on it. ;)