Friday, June 3, 2016

Never say Never (or) You Are Ezer

God often asks me to speak to women.  Women’s groups.  Women's retreats.  Women's conferences.  Women's events.  Women.  Not men.  Women. 

In fact, one Sunday morning someone brought in a group of army men who were stationed at the nearby training facility Camp Atterbury, (in uniform), into my Sunday school class.  In the middle of the class, I might add.  I had started.  I looked up at them in fear and said, “I don’t do men”!  They left.

Nope!  I don’t teach men.  Not going to do that.

Another thing I don’t do...I don’t speak in big church.  On Sunday morning.  Nope.  Not going to do that!

I also don’t speak in a dress.  In heels.  Nope.  Don’t do that either! 

AND….I never invite people to come to hear me speak.  And…I never share with people that I write this blog.  And I never ever share a link to something someone has recorded of me speaking that is available on-line.  This is because Insecurity is my middle name....or maybe it is my first name and Fear is my middle name.

Never say never.

So…how in the world did I find myself this year on Mother’s Day…which IS a Sunday....a Sunday morning mind you.  In big church.  Wearing a dress.  Wearing heels.  Speaking.  And there were men there!?

And why in the world do I feel compelled to share with you this link to when I spoke at Living Word Baptist Church?

Because it is important for all women, particularly ministry wives, to understand that God has created us to be an Ezer (pronounced Ay-zer) and instead of writing it….I am speaking it.

So….here we go!  Take a listen.  Get your sword out and be encouraged.  If you want to worship along with this precious congregation who REALLY REALLY REALLY knows how to worship….listen from the beginning.  If time is an issue….pick up at around 12 mins.

I am doing this afraid!  After all, I never ever do this kind of thing!!  But I am an Ezer! 


Lana said...

Did you walk all over the platform while speaking? Ha. You do do that! Excited to see you in November. Don't worry, I tell everyone you write for this blog and will tell everyone in Tennessee you are coming to speak for us. You won't have to tell anyone. I got you covered!

Dana said...

Ha-ha Lana!! I was all over that place...down to the floor...back up again!! AND much of the time swinging a sword! So much fun!! Looking forward to November too!!