Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Community Connecting

Making connections is important.  I have a special bond with all my chocoholic friends.  We love to get together, laugh, and nibble on chocolate delicacies.  It is also vital that we connect within our church.

Last week was VBS at our church.  Children packed our classrooms as they “submerged” themselves in God’s word.  Since I was assigned to the craft area (I am not crafty; I was the fetcher of supplies), I had the opportunity to visit with children from kindergarten through fifth grade.

One third grade caught my attention.  He was larger than his peers and always stood in the corner crying.  Finally, his teacher brought him to me.  For two days the child and I would sit on the floor and talk.  He told me his grandmother had just died and that his parents were divorced.  He also tried to take care of his mother because she cried all the time.  His story broke my heart because this young child was carrying a heavy burden.  I tried to share Jesus with him but he was quite naïve.  I finally decided just to allow him to talk.

On the third day one of our youth workers, who is slightly mentally challenged, introduced himself to this young boy.  At first the third grader was quiet but suddenly he was laughing at something the teenager had said.  Immediately, a connection was made.  On Friday the youth worker took this child to our children’s minister and asked him to share the plan of salvation with the child.  Although the child did not accept Jesus right then, I am sure the seed was planted because an awkward teenager took the time to befriend and make a connection this child. 

Everyone needs to feel accepted.  Being a minister’s wife can be tough.  Making connections within the church is sometimes difficult because many people want to keep us at arms distance so we don’t see their failures.  That’s funny, because I fail every day.  Many ministers’ wives choose not to connect with their church families because they don’t want to be hurt.  Well, if we are in the ministry, criticism and pain will come.  We just need to learn to work through those times. 

I never want to be the person who doesn’t connect within my church family or with other ministers’ wives.  I can be shy (I know that is a stretch for your imagination but it is true).  I can be the odd man out in a crowd.  However, there is always someone within our church family with whom we can build a relationship.  Look around.  You might be surprised at who God connects you with.

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