Friday, June 17, 2016

Portable Prayer Closet

Remember.....the first weekend of May was the weekend that God chose to once again jerk me out of my comfort zone and challenge me.

I led a Ladie's Conference in Woodbury, Tennessee......A Mary Heart in a Martha World.

God may jerk you out of your comfort.........but he won't make you go alone.  While I preparing for the conference, everywhere I turned God was giving me ideas, etc.

I went to Lifeway to purchase the book....Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.  I figured it couldn't hurt to read it.  While in there, I had NO IDEA where I would go with this conference.  I had a little free time, so I enjoyed browsing around.

When I went to make my purchase, I made the comment that I listened to audio devotions while coming home from work lots of time because my life was so busy and hectic.

(Another proof that God has a sense of humor...............or, he wanted to choose someone to speak on this topic that was living flat dab in the middle of a Martha

Anyway....back to my story.  As I was leaving, a stranger came up to me and said she over heard me talking about being busy, etc.  She went on and asked me if I had seen the movie, War Room...and I told her we had shown it at church.  She said her friend went and bought a display board at Walmart and made her a war room.

She went on and told me that she traveled all the time, so she went to Michael's and got a small display board and made her a small one and took it with her everywhere.

She said........I don't usually talk to strangers....I just felt led to share this with you and I'm not sure why.

I thank her and said...........I know why...........I'm leading a Ladie's Conference in a month and..........I'm gonna use that.  I left and went straight to Michaels and made my purchase.....of the 18x24 tri-fold display board.

It is small enough to take with you EVERYWHERE.....and you can put it on the table in front of you and block out all of the distractions so you can Spend Time With Jesus.

(I've made a LARGE board....from Walmart and we use it at church to post our Prayer Concerns on......using Post-It notes.)

The Ladies LOVED the idea.

Roger even took the Portable Prayer Closet to an Executive Board meeting and shared it in his devotion............I wound up making a retired D.O.M .and our current D.O.M. a portable prayer closet.

The random lady at Lifeway was only ONE of the many, many different examples of how God used things and people to help me make it OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE.

Out of our comfort zone is scary.........VERY SCARY..........but if we will just TRUST GOD.....He won't LEAVE US!

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