Friday, July 15, 2016

Remember Who You Are

This week as I've written, I have tried to be very transparent, letting you see what God's been speaking to my heart about...


Dear Sister, please do not let "busy-ness" and noise rob you of even an ounce of your relationship with our Jesus.

I have.

As a result, recently, I have forgotten who I am.

I wear MANY identities:

Wally's wife
Riley's, Piper's and Eliza's mom
Brenda's daughter
Steve's daughter
Preschool director
Sunday School teacher
Minister's wife.....

Each identity has it's own responsibilities and expectations, both self-imposed and given by others.

But at the end of the day (or maybe at the beginning of it), no matter who you have impressed or let down, remember who you are.

As a believer, you are an adopted daughter of your Creator God.

You are twice His, made specifically by Him AND then picked by Him to be  (not a slave or servant), His daughter.

You are an heir WITH Christ. He is your brother and you are His sister, positioned and poised to share in His inheritance.

When He adopted you, He knew the challenge you would be. He knew your deformities and defects.

So when the world, Satan, or that one deacon's wife points out your shortcomings or makes you feel inadequate, remember who you are.

You are His and He is yours.

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