Saturday, July 2, 2016

Prayer Request for Brazil

In a little over a week, I will be traveling with a team from our church to Sao Paulo, Brazil.  While there we will be working along side a Baptist church and assisting them with their vacation bible school and a sports camp.  In addition to our work with the church, we have the opportunity to share the gospel in the public schools in the area.  Yes girlfriends, in Brazil they welcome Christians in the schools to share with their children.

As we make final preparations for our mission trip, I would like to ask you to pray specifically for some things:

*Safe travel and good health (One of our team members has recently had knee surgery and her recovery has been slow.  She is determined to go back to Brazil).

*Many on our team have never been on a mission trip.  In our training we have tried to prepare to always be "fuild" because the best laid plans always change . . .often.

*Pray for open hearts of the Brazilians we share with.

*Pray for our team to have our eyes open to the needs before us and to be sensitive to God's direction.

*Pray for our families here in the states that they will be healthy and safe while we are away.

Thank you for praying for our team.  We will be gone almost two weeks so we will need all the prayers we can get to give us strength and encouragement.  I know personally that I will need the prayers to keep me going when exhaustion hits.

Be Blessed!

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