Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Don't Be a Four-Year-Old

Did you hear the big sigh coming from me as I sat down in my chair to blog?  I am EXHAUSTED!!  No, I have not done any housework, mowed the lawn, served at church or gone to a secular job.  Today, I took my four-year-old grandson shopping for back to school clothes.  Believe me sisters, this feat was far more exhausting than anything I have ever done.  I love Gideon with all my heart but Gideon has an opinion and agenda of his own.  Trust me, he will be a lawyer when he is an adult because he will argue until you give in.

As I hovered over the clothing in the little boy section, I heard his sweet voice say, “Vivi, look at the toys!”  What!  Sure enough across the aisle from me was the toy section of the store.  Now what store places a wonderland of temptation for children next to the children’s clothing section?  In my personal opinion it is a strategic marketing ploy to have a child beg and bargain for the “cool Star Wars toy” so that the parent/grandparent will give in to their whining. 

After selecting the items to be tried on my sweet grandson, I proceed to the dressing room.  Well, that was an adventure.  How hard is it to select a dressing room?  Ask my grandson who wanted the “big” room.  Thankfully, the big room was empty.  However, be warned.  The bigger the room the more jumping and running around area a child has.  Even when I got him still (after a firm warning), Gideon continued to wiggle and giggle while looking in the mirror.  (I promise his parents don’t lock him in house.  This child plays outdoors, swims, and does all the activities of a little boy.  He just has A LOT of energy).  What should have been a thirty-minute shopping experience turned into an hour and a half event complete with a warning that we would leave the store if he behavior did not improve.  Thankfully, Gideon has new wardrobe to start to preschool. No, he does not have a new Star Wars toy.  I did win that argument.  However, he did score new Power Ranger underwear.

As I drove home from my shopping experience, I was reminded how I act with God.  Our Father wants to give us great things and tell us wonderful truths.  However, I tend to act goofy and wiggle all over the place.  If God is speaking to my heart about a ministry idea, I tend to be like a child and stick my fingers in my ears while running around the room. Sometimes I get the next to best gift from the Lord instead of the best gift.  Sometimes I beg and bargain with the Lord about something I want to do or have and God says no.  I whine, cry, and might even throw a fit like a four-year-old.  Oh but be warned sisters; sometimes God will get enough of our whining and get firm.

Just like I must send Gideon to the timeout corner for poor behavior my Heavenly Father will get my attention.  When His gentle, guiding voice does not still my soul, He often sends something that will discipline me back into obedience.  Although God is always present in my life, He is sometimes silent when I am whining.  However, once I am refocused and listening the Father will lovingly reveal His truths. 

My challenge for all of us in ministry today is to not act like a four-year-old demanding his way.  Let’s just try to be obedient and see what God may want us to do.  Let’s listen for His voice and follow His best plan for our lives.

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