Friday, August 5, 2016


Have you ever thought about the path God has chosen for your life?  Does it match up with your childhood dreams?

All my life I have loved to read books and write little stories.  As a grade school child, I imagined myself writing fun books for children.  It so happened my cousin was a very talented artist (she even became a successful commercial artist and then at the age of forty decided to pursue a medical degree). When my cousin and I saw each other at holidays, we would “create” cards for our family.  She would design the card and I would write the verse.

Then as a teen I attended a Career Day at my high school.  I decided to be adventurous and see what an airline hostess career might be like.  I mean I grew up with an amateur pilot dad who built experimental aircraft.  I also grew up with my dad taking our family flying.  Since I loved flying, being an airline hostess seemed a great career choice.  Sadly, that door closed quickly because back in the late 70’s, a hostess had to stand between 5’4”-5’10” and I stood at 5’3” if a stretched really hard.

Then God opened another door.  I married my high school sweetheart who had surrender to the ministry and I became a pastor’s wife.  No, I don’t write children’s books.  I do create fun stories for my grandbabies thanks to Shutterfly.  Also, I am humbled to share my life lessons of ministry through two blogs and writing for a couple of publications occasionally. No, I don’t fly to exotic places.   However, I have traveled around the country and the world sharing Jesus.

No, I will never be an airline hostess even though the regulations have changed.  Yes, I still dream of publishing a children’s book.  However, I would never change the path God has chosen for my life because it is pretty awesome.

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