Thursday, August 25, 2016

JESUS & Monster Lotion

Our grandchildren, ages two and three years old.........began having nightmares, could not sleep and were terrified of MONSTERS.  The only thing we can figure out is one of the kids at Daycare was talking about scary monsters.

Anyway....our daughter called me and asked if I had any suggestions.  I told her that when she and her brother were younger and afraid, I bought citrus smelling air freshener and would spray it in the room to keep the monsters away; monster spray.  A couple of nights later when our grandson was crying and did not want to go to sleep, his mom looked in the closet and found a can of air freshener that she had not used in a long time.  She took it to him and gave it to him to run the monsters away.  (GAVE IT TO HIM......)  For forty-five minutes he was spraying and "powing" the monsters..................UNTIL....he ran out of spray.  THEN he REALLY had a complete melt-down.

When my daughter told me............I, no, don't give HIM the just spray one spray and they will feel safe with the smell.  TOO LATE.

After four nights of neither kid sleeping because they were truly afraid of the daughter called on her way to work in tears.  I volunteered to get the kids that afternoon and let them spend the night with me and I told her I would figure something the least, her and dad would have a night of rest.

We went to Walmart and I bought two large bottles of the night-time lavender baby lotion.  (One for Mimi's house and one for Momma's house.)  I came home and printed off a monster label.

We talked about it..........I told them that we would put the monster lotion on them and we would PRAY to JESUS to help us to not be afraid and to keep us safe.

They bought into it................and were very excited to take a bath and use their "monster lotion".  I showed them that we had some to give to momma too.  They wanted to call momma and tell her.

  • We lathered down in lotion
  • We PRAYED and asked JESUS to help us
  • And we SLEPT ALL NIGHT....for the first time in weeks!
Our two year old granddaughter laid in bed that night and said, "Mimi....The monster was bad.  He scared me.  Jesus gonna put him in time out."  I told her that no.....Jesus is going to run him away and the monster can't come back because Jesus loves us and takes care of us.

THE BIG TEST......the next night, they were at home..................Momma lathered them down in "monster lotion" and they prayed that Jesus would protect them and help them to not be afraid.

For the first time and WEEKS.............the monsters were GONE.

They don't even need the lotion anymore because as they both say, "JESUS and Monster Lotion" ran the monsters away and they can't come back....because Jesus loves me."

HEY...I know some of you may question the "game", but even though you and I know there are no a toddlers' eyes, they are REAL and telling them they don't exist won't cut it.  And this WORKED...when nothing else had.  One day they will realize that the lotion was not magic, but JESUS is........

Oh, to have that child-like faith.............

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