Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Simple Christmas

As a minister’s wife, from September through December my life is so jammed packed with responsibilities that I rarely stopped to think about Thanksgiving or Christmas until a couple of weeks before the big days.  This year is no different.  However, I have decided that Christmas will be a little different this year.

Oh, we will stay with our family tradition meal started by my parents-a Mexican Fiesta.  However, gift giving is going to get simple and I want to have fun with it.  The following ideas are some that I have come up with and some ideas are borrowed from various people.  Hopefully, an idea or two will help you keep Christmas simple and a little less stressful.

*For a child-Fill a small box with new PJ’s, a book, and a snack.  Allow this gift to be opened on Christmas Eve.  You can also do a simple variation of this gift for an adult.  Just have fun with it.

*Have your children make gifts for their grandparents.  (Grandparents have everything they need).  As a grandmother aka Vivi, I look forward to getting handmade gifts from my grandsons.  I especially love getting pictures with their handprints/footprints on them.  These gifts are precious treasures to me and reminds me keep making memories with my babies because they are growing up too fast.

*Stocking stuffers can often break the bank.  Stay on budget by shopping the local dollar store.  I love Dollar Tree.  This store has great ideas for all ages.  For instance, create a stocking filled with snacks for your college age child.

*To provide some laughter on Christmas day, play a game.  Purchase various $5 gifts cards (Starbucks, Sonic, McDonald’s, etc) and give as prizes.  My entire family loves this idea.
*Instead of busting your budget on high ticket items or buys tons of gifts for your family member, try purchasing only three gifts-a need, a read, and a wish gift.  (Remember the Christ Child received three gifts at his birth).

*Weather permitting buddle up on Christmas Eve and walk outside to look at the sky.  Read the Christmas story outdoors.  Be amazed that God sent his only Son from Heaven’s high throne to be born of a humble birth in order to save us from our sins.

*Because our family is scattered in different directions, we have decided not to exchange gifts.  We would much rather eat well, laugh a lot, and spend quality time together. (We still purchase small gifts or give money to our sons, their wives and our grandchildren).

*Grandparents, instead of a big expensive gift for your grandchild, put money toward their future college education.

As I said these are just a few ideas I have to simplify my Christmas.  I would love to hear some tips that you may have.  

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