Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thank You!!

It is the Tuesday before thanksgiving.  Being thankful, grocery lists and to-do’s are on the forefront of most of our minds.

Like you, I have much to do….kids and grand kids coming from far and near...(and who knows what church members will come at the last minute!! Anyone remember this from last year?) I’m pretty sure no one wants to hear all that I need to do.  Actually, I don’t want to hear all I have to do.  In fact, I so don’t want to hear all I need to do--I left home for Panera Bread so I won’t even have to SEE all I have to do.  So, here I am smelling broccoli cheese soup and cinnamon crunch bagels and typing...and no one is at home cleaning, cooking, washing sheets, blah, blah, blah!

Now that you have the scene and the smells in your mind (and nose) I’d like to express my gratitude for the amazing opportunity I had to speak to you precious Tennessee minister wives at The Summit.  Seeing your faces, hearing many of your stories, laughing and crying with you—often at the same time, and experiencing God’s presence together encouraged my heart and my often weary soul.

I’m so frustrated with myself for not taking your picture from my vantage point on that very high platform so that you could see what I saw.  So many beautiful faces from all ages and backgrounds and ministries and passions—yet with one common goal—to know God and to glorify Him with our lives and to become like Him in character and will.

Faces that were new to me.  Faces that go back decades.  Faces that have just recently become sweet reminders of God’s desire for us to have and cherish kindred spirits.  Faces that were in pain and faces that were rejoicing.  Faces.  People.  Women.

Thank you Lana Rose and team.  Your relentless work and dedication made the Good Cup and the luncheon a blessing to so many.  Thank you for the time and effort and commitment you put in to those two exceptional days which produced a great work—your effort was definitely not in vain!!  He was honored and glorified by all you did.  Oh, and those amazing centerpieces!!!  Perfection!!!

Lana shared with us that she will be retiring (sometime 2018 I think!!  I am too sad to remember specifics)  Oh yes, I am super excited for her…but at the same time I am selfishly gloomy.  She has been an encourager to me in countless ways…as well as many of you!!  Her tireless devotion to her Lord and Tennessee Baptists will be greatly missed!!  Please let her know how incredible she is and definitely pray for her as she finishes the course with Tennessee Baptists well!!

Besides thanking Lana and those of you who were on the planning team for the Summit events, I would also like to thank those of you who actually read this BLOG.  You are why we do this.  Even though I have no idea who reads this…You are not invisible.  Even though you might not realize it…You are a blessing.  I am truly grateful for you!

To the other ladies who also faithfully write for this BLOG—thank you for your words.  Your dedication.  Your tenacity.  Your wisdom.  You!

As you reflect this week on all you are grateful for…why not tell another ministers wife how grateful you are for her. 

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