Wednesday, September 6, 2017

GOOD in the BAD

My Momma always find the GOOD in anything that is BAD.

So.....that is what I am trying to do.

Last time, I blogged about my husband getting notice from his secular job that they are doing away with his position and out-sourcing to a company in India.  His last day is November 10th.

If they had waiting until March 2018.....he could have taken an early retirement.

BUT....the last couple of years, his job has been VERY stressful mentally and physically.  They are required to work LONG hours without overtime pay, etc.

He's a pastor so he already is working full time.  The secular job has been a thorn.

I also mentioned in the last blog that right at the time Roger found out about his job termination, he tore out my kitchen.  (We are getting new cabinets, new appliances, new flooring, new design, etc.)

Well....if I am going to find the GOOD:
  • Because they are "letting him go" at work, he does not feel the stress he had before.  I mean..............they can't fire him....they already have.
  • Because he has not been under so much stress, he has been able to do LOTS OF WORK himself on our kitchen.
  • Keeping busy has helped him from getting depressed and thinking about things.
  • We had money set aside for cabinets.............because he had the TIME.....he and the neighbor have built beautiful solid hickory custom cabinets for the same cost that we could have purchased cheap, premade cabinets.
  • Remodeling the kitchen has given Roger an outlet to let go of some of his frustration.
All of that being has been a PAIN to go two months without a kitchen.  It has been frustrating to live in a disorganized home.  (Kitchen boxes are EVERYWHERE.)

BUT.....the whole process has been good for Roger.  It has kept his mind occupied. 

NOW.....I challenge each of you to STOP and ALWAYS find the GOOD in the BAD

It is always may just have to dig a little deeper....but it is there.,


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