Monday, September 4, 2017


Twenty three years ago we moved to Tennessee.  Our daughter was in the 4th grade at the time.  She quickly told us that we may have moved her to Tennessee, but she would NEVER marry a Vols Fan.
She kept her word.  In college she met her husband who is from Sparta, TN and is a huge GATOR fan. 
Yes....they are truly a HOUSE DIVIDED. our grandkids have chosen sides.  Kinley has declared that she is a Roll Tide all the way.  Cameron says that boys go for "Go Gators".  Notice the wreath on the door.  Smile.
On top of that....their babysitter has played "Rocky Top" to them since they were infants.  Smile.
We grew up on the Tennessee/Alabama state line and always cheered for Tennessee too.....unless they played Alabama.  The only team we DID NOT LIKE was Auburn.
BUT....when we moved to Tennessee, we quickly learned that we were not suppose to ever go for Tennessee.
Kacie and Chase.....are a HOUSE DIVIDED......and they both take football serious.
BUT....they love each other and they have a happy marriage...because they have learned to work together in spite of their differences.
Wouldn't it be great if church folks could learn the same together in spite of their differences?

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