Sunday, December 24, 2017

God Is with Us

Don’t you wish that some people in our lives could be there always?


Family members sometimes move away or relationships become strained.

Friends come and go, and may just be in our lives for a season.

Co-workers are there as long as we have a particular job.

Church family is there as long as we are members of a certain congregation.

Dear neighbors are there until someone leaves the neighborhood.

Even if people don’t physically leave us, relationships can turn sour as a result of betrayal, hurtful words, jealousy, and power struggles. And, of course, death is inevitable, and we grieve and mourn those we have lost.

I know that all this sounds very somber, but…

It’s comforting to know that there is ONE who will ALWAYS be there. He won’t move away, He won’t leave under any circumstance, and He cannot die, for He has conquered death forever, Halleluiah!!!

His name is JESUS.

He is also called IMMANUEL, which means that “God is with us”. (Matthew 1:23)

I love to do acronyms, and as a reminder of Who our awesome Savior is, I did an acronym for IMMANUEL.

Read about it in my Christmas Day blog post tomorrow.

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