Thursday, May 10, 2018

Test Drive to Avoid a Cheap Substitute

Godiva chocolate candy is one of my favorites.  There is just something about that rich chocolate goodness that gives me joy.  Unfortunately, Godiva chocolates are most often not in my budget.  They are a VERY special treat maybe once a year.  I usually stick with the budget friendly Hershey bar or M & M’s which provides me with a happy soul.

However, once I decided to try a chocolate variety from dollar store.  Hey, don’t laugh!  It was only a dollar.  Guess what?  It was AWFUL!!  Not only was it not rich chocolate but it was grainy.  It was almost like the ingredients were not mixed together correctly.  IT WAS GROSS!! I learned never to settle for a cheap substitute when you can have the best.

In ministry, we have a difficult time finding and developing friendships.  Who can you trust?  Who REALLY wants to be your friend or do they just want inside information?  For me, I so want friends.  They make my life richer and more fun.  As I have shared many times, the Lord has placed a handful (literally, I can count them on my two hands) of ladies who are true and trusted friends.  I always know they have my back.

Unfortunately, too many times I have been so lonely that I have accepted cheap substitute friends.  Oh my!  The mess these people brought into my life because I was not willing to wait for the best.  These particular ladies tore me down emotionally and wore me out physically.  When I realized who they were and what they really wanted, it was too late.  Endless to say, I am very caution when developing friendships.

Fortunately, God has helped ease the pain of their ugliness and taught me to “test drive” a friendship.  I know this sounds awful.  Just like you test drive a car, in our ministry world, you must try it out before you know if this potential friendship is the right fit.  God has faithfully been opening my eyes and heart more to those ladies who are TRULY seeking my friendship.

My true, trusted troop of girlfriends accept me for who I am.  They know my warts and it is okay.  They do not have an agenda to “get to my pastor husband.”  What’s important is that they love Jesus and reflect His light.  They encourage and pray for me.  They also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have fun and eat the real deal chocolate.

Girlfriends, if you are seeking a true friend, here is my personally tested advice:

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