Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tonight's Blessing

I started leading a Bible study with a group of women about two months ago...below is a description of the study:

"Do you attend Bible studies and often find that when the study is over you no longer study the Bible? Do you have a desire to connect with God and other women through the study of His Word? Come and learn a simple, yet effective way to study any book of the Bible on your own. Each week we will study through the book of Proverbs individually and come together on Wednesday evenings to share the truths and insights we discovered."

To be quite honest, I was not sure what to expect. Who would come? Would anyone come? After all we were not doing a Beth Moore study. We would simply be studying the Bible. Would they want to get to know my God through the study of His Word? Would they share or would we all just look at each other? Could I be transparent with them? Would they be transparent with me and each other? Would they stick with it?

You see, over the past several years I had been a part of an amazing group of women that I prayed with, cried with, studied with, connected with, grew with, etc. and I wanted to have that kind of experience in our new church. To go beyond the surface chit-chat and religious garble and really sit at the feet of Jesus together.

And I was desperate tonight. Desperate to have deep sharing and corporate praying and personal accountability with a group of women. I was thirsting for it. Longing for it. Needing it. I was on empty and needed to be filled with His power and presence and purpose.

And God provided. He is faithful. He fulfills our deepest longings for more of Him. What a precious time we had together tonight. I came home refreshed and renewed and free.

Our large circle has gotten smaller as some have 'given up'. The enemy would want me to be discouraged and defeated...and believe me, I have been many times. But not tonight! Tonight I can know God is at work. Tonight I rejoice! Ministry can be tiring and discouraging and frustrating....but I refuse to miss out on His outpouring love just because I fear defeat.

Just a side note, I so appreciate each one of you. Even though I don't know you or see you, I pray for you. I wish we could all sit down together and have some "face time" and do what I was just talking about. I would really love that. One day....we will worship all together....for eternity. I look forward to it.

Blessings my friend....

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