Tuesday, October 26, 2010

God Uses Ordinary People

While we were dating, Roger told me he felt that God was calling him into the ministry. I cried when I got home from that date. My dad was a minister and that was fine and good, but I did not think that I wanted that for my life. I wanted for us to be active in the church, but I just wanted a “normal life”. At the time, Roger assured me that God was calling him into the ministry, but he did not feel he was suppose to pastor, especially at that time. Whew….that was a relief!!!

We went ahead, got married after seven years of dating and together served God in many areas: Bus Ministry, Children’s Church Ministry, Puppet Ministry, Youth Leaders, Teachers, etc. My husband served as Youth Minister, Minister of Music, etc. for seventeen years. During this time, Roger would fill the pulpit when asked to, so it was not unusual that Whites Creek Baptist Church would call him to supply that cold Sunday morning in January 1997.

The first Sunday we were at the church, they had twelve for Sunday-School and thirty-two for preaching and we were four of those! The youngest deacon’ at 77 years old, praised God that Sunday morning for the large crowd they had for the visiting minister. (I might add that the church building was brand new. The state changed the two-lane to a four-lane and got the old church, so we were in a very nice, but empty church.)

After several weeks of “filling in” as pastor, the deacons came to my husband and told him that God was leading them to call him as their bi-vocational pastor.

We prayed and prayed about it. I was scared to death. We both felt that was where God was leading us. I kept telling Roger that I did not know “how to” be a pastor’s wife. I told him that we had sat under "good pastors" and "bad pastors" so he had something to go by. I could not think of ANY pastor’s wife that was "anything like me", so I just did not know how I could fill those shoes.

After lots of praying, God revealed to me that he was calling Roger and me to the church. He did not want me “be like the other pastors’ wives, he wanted me to be ME!
Isn’t God Awesome!!! For fourteen years, he has used ME as a pastor's wife...and

  • I do not play the piano, except "a hunt a peck."
  • I can not "sing."
  • I am not "Ms. WMU."
  • I am not "Ms. Fashion Queen."
  • I am not full of "Great Wisdom."

I am just “Kathy” and God has used me more by just being me. He called me and He does not make mistakes. He knew that even though I did not fit the “normal characteristics” of a Pastor’s Wife, He could use me and has for the past, almost fourteen years. (I will address my roles in the church in later posts.)

Are you allowing God to truly use you? Are you being true to yourself and being “You” so he CAN use you? He wants us to be ourselves so He can use us. He made us all special and for a purpose.

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”


Lana said...

Kathy, I tell ministers wives all the time God knew all about them when He called their husbands into the ministry. They were not a surprise to Him. He knows their faults and He knows their gifts. God knew all about you, too when He called Roger. He knew Roger couldn't do his ministry without you. God bless you as you continue to serve Him as "ordinary" you because with God none of us are simply ordinary.

Jennifer said...

This was an encouraging post. Looking forward to the "Good Cup" and the Minister's Wives lunch at the TBC in a couple of weeks!
Really enjoy this blog!

Kathy Britton said...

Thanks Lana!!!

Lana said...

Jennifer, thanks for leaving a comment. I know many, many ministers wives visit our blog but don't leave comments. I'm packing boxes today for The Good Cup and the luncheon today. See you in a couple of weeks.

Kathy Britton said...

Jennifer, thanks for posting. Wish I could have more days off and could make it to the "Good Cup". I will be there in spirit and will be thinking of you.