Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pastor Appreciation: Random Thoughts

Shawna's and TXGirl's comments have kept me pondering this whole idea of appreciating our pastors....whether they are our husbands or someone else. Here are a few final random thoughts.
  1. I LOVE the idea of doing something special for our pastor husband in appreciation for what he does!! Because, if you are honest, there are times when you definitely do NOT appreciate what he does!! Especially if you have small children, if you are not careful, you can grow to resent his time away. Fix his favorite meal, wear his favorite _____:), go with him to do what he loves to do....or watch what he loves to watch....even if you do not.
  2. As my husband and I were discussing last night what we might do to honor those who serve on staff with us, it occurred to me that we must be sure our motive and attitudes are pure. If our attitude is... "FINE!! If YOU all won't appreciate us, we'll just do it ourselves!!".... then we must halt....stop....go to the Father and confess! Pure motives only!!
  3. If your husband is the senior pastor you might suggest that he share publicly with the Body either through the pulpit or a newsletter article his appreciation for those who labor with him. Or, perhaps give an extra day off one week to spend time with their family....and your husband could pick up the slack!! Have them over for lunch, invite the wives and see if the church secretaries would mind keeping children. I know there are many wives who work outside the home and this would not be feasible for them....just throwing out suggestions!!
  4. Do something special for the wives you know. Notes. Lunch or tea or after dinner dessert at your home.

Finally, just in case you don't know it....YOU, my friend are appreciated!!

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