Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Encouraging Your Discouraged Husband

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time with a young minister's wife who asked, "How do I encourage my husband when he is ready to give up and quit ministry?" Since I did not have a package of Peanut M & Ms (my special nerve therapy and comfort food) to share with this sweet lady, I could only listen quietly as she shared briefly about a situation at their church.

I felt so inadequate offering my advice to this fellow sister. Each wife of a minister will face this stuggle in the course of ministry. We have to be our husband's cheerleader. Girlfriends, we are not just any cheerleader. We are the All-American, All-Star head cheerleader who must encourage their man to follow God's leadership to lead the church and draw the lost to the Savior. We have to remind our man that he is God-called. Just like in any football game where the discouraged home team is behind and there is only a few seconds on the clock, the cheerleader must keep her chin up and offer words of encouragement to rally the team to stay with the course and strive to win.

If you find yourself faced with a discouraged husband (and who hasn't), let me suggest a few ways to rally your man.
*Brag on him.
*Cook his favorite meal and you and your children make a card that expresses
love and encouragement to him.
*No kids at home? Sit down together and make a list of the blessings your family
has experienced through your years in the ministry.
*Name people in your church family that you know pray and support you. Take
time to thank God for those people.
*Pray daily, hourly for your husband.
*As a couple seek godly wisdom from a fellow minister/mentor who can give you
solid advice.
*When your husband states that he is ready to quit the ministry, ask him to tell
you about his call to the ministry. Help him to rediscover that call.

Sisters, these are just a few ways to encourage your man whom God has called to serve in His work. I know my sister who shared her heart with me will be reading this blog. What I am asking is that you share a comment on how you personally encourage your husband when he is ready to throw in the towel.

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