Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Mistakes

I remember a time growing up that I actually thought one day I would arrive at this Christianity thing. I thought I'd be able to stop my habitual sins and never commit a sin of omission either. I mean all those deacons, Sunday school teachers and ministers at my church seemed to always have it together, so I assumed that one day I would too.

Honestly, it wasn't until I was in college and living with a minister's family that God revealed to me the truth; sanctification is a process. Oh, glorification WILL come (Amen!?), but for now, God still has to teach me some things.

I wish the process was easier. I wish I still didn't mess up so often. I wish I still didn't struggle with the same sins over and over again.

But I trust in God's Divine wisdom in this process. I know this is how He is most glorified in me. I do not doubt His sovereignty and acknowledge this discipline is a sign of my authentic relationship with Him as His daughter.

All this to explain that I blew it yesterday. Yep, I allowed my tongue to get the better of me once again. In a meeting, in front of others that I wanted to set a good example for, I am sure I lost some respect and credibility. Sigh.

My husband patiently listened to my confession and then shared some wisdom. He encouraged me by reminding me the importance of letting people see my failures. I do want these ladies to believe my faith is authentic. They need to see me fall. They need to see Jesus work and transform me. They need to hear me apologize and confess my sin. Only then will they truly listen to and learn from my walk with our Savior.

My prayer is for us as ministers' wives to live out our faith in an authentic manner. Maybe we do need to be taken off the pedestals that our congregations have placed us on. Maybe they need to hear us say, "I was wrong" and "Forgive me for _____." Maybe then our congregations will be more transparent and real with each other. Maybe then God will be able to use our authenticity to reach our communities.

I didn't mean for my blogs this time around to be a confession time, but who knows how God will redeem my mistakes for His glory? Do you have an example of how God has used your mistakes to glorify Himself? Please pass the truth on by commenting.

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