Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When a Church Member Leaves

A “given” in ministry, is that church members will leave our churches. For me, it is so very difficult. I hate to see them go!! Doubt sets in….”but Lord, they are soooo awesome with the children.” Or, “What will the music ministry do without them?” Then, if I am not careful, I begin to worry and have vain imaginations…."what did we do wrong?" "Is it my husband’s fault?" "My fault?" "What could we have done differently?"

There are many reasons why people leave our churches. Moving to another city or state. Dissatisfied with something or someone. Disappointed with something or someone. God leading them to another ministry. Some are sin driven—others are God driven.

There are also many “ways” people leave…some leave without a word, they just simply disappear. Others leave burning all bridges behind them. Some want to be Godly in the way they leave….others seem to want to cause hurt and division.

Why is it so hard for me? Is it hard for you? I get that yucky feeling in my stomach and can get down and discouraged and depressed. How am I to respond? With prayer. With faith. With love.

God builds the church. Not us. Not our husbands. Not our denomination. God! I love to see how God, in His timing, will bring in new people whose gifts will fill in the places that people have left. It is beautiful to watch and see how the Lord brings in new people who love children’s ministry and/or who are gifted in worship.

The church is His Body. His Bride. He died for the church. He loves the church.

Oh, Father, help me to trust you and not allow the enemy to defeat me when people leave our church.

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lam324 said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. What a wonderful blog!! It ministered to me today. Thank you!