Friday, September 23, 2011

A "Real" Interesting Position

Ladies, you may find this hard to believe. I am sure it is pretty rare and I am definitely asking for your input and prayers.

As of the close of business meeting Wednesday night, I am officially on the Pastor Search Committee for our church.

I know! How crazy for a minister's wife to be on a pastor search committee?! What a unique opportunity this is!

First, I may need to explain my husband's position. He works for our local association of nearly 50 churches and ministries. Together, he and our Associational Missionary minister to unite and help to individually grow these churches. It is a challenging job, and puts my hubby in a different church nearly every Sunday. Yes, sometimes he preaches but most often ministers to ministers. So, while I am a minister's wife, he just is not a minister at the church we are members of.

A deacon and his sweet wife visited my husband and me. They asked if we would consider my service in this capacity and of course, to pray about it. I have been so humbled and overwhelmed. I have never had an opportunity to serve like this, and, honestly, never expected one.

My husband has never served as a pastor, but has served under several. We have met with personnel committees and student ministry committees, but never a pastor search committee. I really have no idea as to what to expect. So, that is why I am asking for your help.

What kind of questions should I ask? When should I speak up in our meetings? What are the kind of things you think the committee ought to focus on? What kind of things do you wish pastor search committees would do? Wouldn't do?

I truly believe that I will be able to bring some interesting insights to this committee because I have the interesting position of being a minister's wife. Please pray for me, this committee and our church.

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