Wednesday, December 14, 2011

As I mentioned the other day in my post, God is moving us to a new church back in Arkansas.  We just returned last night from setting up his new office and checking out our temporary housing.  Two things I already know:  my husband has too many books and even though I know the Little Rock area, I will get lost trying to find the house where we will be living for a while.  I think I am just going to check with my doctor to see if they have a chocolate IV available.

Speaking of chocolate . . . I had so much fun last week.  Lana, at the TBC, provided a chocolate brunch for me.  It was so special to see some of you.  As I said I do not like goodbyes but this time allowed me to have some closure to my time in Tennessee.  Girlfriends, you will never know how much you mean to me.

Anyway, I want to keep on the subject of moving.  The packing of material possessions and getting paperwork in order can be so stressful.  Personally, I have so much to do to get ready for our house to be staged and up on the market.  Thankfully, it is just the two of us now, but at one time we also had to deal with our two sons and their emotional needs during a move.

If you do have children, you know that change can be difficult.  You need to keep a schedule of some kind.  You have to prepare their little hearts for the big move.  I am no expert on the subject children or moving but I can share some tips I learned over the years.

*Depending on your children's ages, talk to them.  Let them be part of the discussion and allow them to pray with you about the move. 
*Let them know it is okay to be sad.  My boys saw me cry with each move and sometimes we all cried together.
*Show excitement about the "new" journey ahead.  If possible make a trip ahead of time to just look at new area.  Find things that will be fun to explore like parks, zoos, etc.  For instance, one small town we lived in had a local wildlife zoo, a nature walk, and huge children's playground. 
*If possible when visiting the church, let your children meet kids their age.  When our boys were in second and fifth grades, we were able to go to one weekend to a church we were in the early stage of talking with.  A wonderful man in the church set up a pizza party for my boys and invited boys from the church to come too.  When we were leaving town, my oldest son said, "Even if we do not move here, I have new friends in my life."  (We did move to this church and on the first day, my boys were off running around with their new friends).
*If your children are small, read them Berestein Bears Moving Day
*If you are having to sell a house and live in temporary housing, allow your children to select some of their favorite items to pack in a special box to carry with them.  Even parents may want to do the same.  As I said we will be living in furnished temporary housing and really do not need to take anything with us.  However, I am packing a few of a favorite books, photos, pictures, and blanket because I need those items to help me feel more settled.
*If you are going straight to a new house or parsonage, allow your children to walk through the home and show them where their rooms will be.  Create excitement by allowing your child to suggest where they would like to put their bed and toys.

As I said these suggestion are what worked for us over the years.  My sons are now married adults and function fairly normal (considering who their mom is).  If you have children and have moved from one church to another, maybe you have some suggestions that might help some of our cyber sisters.  Please take time to share them by leaving a comment.

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Sara said...

This brought tears to my eyes. We have never had to make a move (yet), but I know these are things that will help if the day ever comes. Plus we will be getting a new pastor in the days ahead and this gives me ideas on how to help them make the transition. Thank you for your advice. I truly enjoy reading this blog and you are a big part of that!