Friday, December 23, 2011


What inspires you? Exhilarates you? Motivates you? Invigorates you? A fun shopping spree? Eating yummy food? Hanging out with friends? A long nap? A good book? A funny movie? A good workout?

Who inspires, exhilarates, motivates, invigorates you? A good friend? Your sister? Husband? Children? Famous movie star or celebrity? Godly mentor? Biblical teacher or speaker?

Where do you go to for inspiration?

I am working at Pier 1 Imports and so many people come into the store saying “I am looking for some inspiration” or “I need to be inspired”. I know what they meant…for sure they were not looking for spiritual inspiration….they were looking for ideas for decorating their Christmas tree or setting their tables or their Christmas gift-giving. However, every time I hear a customer say they want “inspiration” I could not help pondering the thought of people everywhere craving inspiration.

What we all need is not just inspiration but Godly inspiration. Unfortunately, I often find that instead of looking to be inspired by God and His Word….I look everywhere else for that inspiration.

AND…..since we are on the topic of inspiring…..Who do you inspire? Who do I inspire? Do we realize and/or remember that there are people all over the place looking and needing to be inspired? Oh, how I want to be one who inspires! One who inspires others for godliness.

Lord, I long to be inspired by You and for You. May Your Word be our inspiration and may we use Your Word to inspire others. You are Emanuel, God with us!!

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