Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Peace

Tonight is the big night, the last night of 2011 and the dawn of 2012. Facebook is full of New Year's wishes and promises that the next year will be even better than the last.

No doubt you have given at least a thought or two about the new year, what you want to do differently, what you want to be better about, an old habit that you desire to abandon. Maybe you even have some great God-centered resolutions for the new year, to read your Bible through, to begin a new study, to be more missions minded.

The truth is, we have no control over anything in the new year. We don't know what 2012 holds for us. We can't dictate what will happen and we really can't even predict how we will respond to whatever 2012 holds. We never focus on the negative of what could happen, we just assume it is all good.

Even those things we think we can control- our attitudes and actions, are subject to a power beyond ourselves. John 15:5 is very clear, apart of Christ we can do nothing, no thing, nothing.

Personally, I have great peace that in the new year that God will supply all my needs in His riches through Christ. I have great peace in the truth that He will equip me to do whatever He may ask me to do in 2012. I have great peace that God is God, sovereign in all and over all. I have great peace as I submit my plans to His.

He is already in 2012. He has control over whatever He already knows will happen. He is prepared to help us handle whatever He has ordained for us in 2012.

We can trust our good God. We can face the new year in His perfect peace.

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Pat said...

Well said, Tara!