Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alone Together

God has gently been pointing out that all the goings on in my life aren't really all about me. Yes, they are about Him, but not just about what He is doing in my life. It is also about what He is doing in the lives of those around me, those I love.

Lemme see if I can explain . . .

I pray daily for my oldest daughter, Riley. She is nine years old and has been a Christian nearly three of those years. I have diligently asked God to draw her closer to Himself and deepen her love for Him.

God has been answering those prayers this summer. She visited my mom, her grammie, for a week in Ohio and suffered from some pretty serious home sickness. The child my mother described in my absence sounded like someone else's kid, not mine. It was hard to watch her go through this, but she learned so much about prayer and began to develop very real ways to call upon HER Savior.

God was/is sanctifying her. Her homesickness, her situation was not about me.

Lemme try again . . .

My husband is a spiritual giant to me. I look up to him in so many ways and pray for him all the time. Most of the time it is easy to submit to his leadership because of the tender ways he loves and leads me.

That said, it is hard for me to watch him struggle through faith issues. This is a VERY busy week for him, maybe the busiest of his year. This is also the week the winds caused damage to the old, tall trees in our yard and the roof began to demand attention with the huge hole in the ceiling of our three year-old's room. It literally is one of those, "if it rains, it storms" kind of times for him.

As I've prayed throughthe timing of all this, I know God does have lessons to teach me through our circumstances, but I really think it is my husband He is speaking to this time. He needed the reminder of Who is in charge and that He will provide for us. God is sanctifying him.

I have looked at these situations and thought, "What in the world are You doing, God?!" Then, He ever so softly impressed upon me that everything in my life isn't about me. He is graciously answering my prayers as He uses these circumstances and others to make those I love more like Himself.

He is at work in more than just my life right now. He is at work in their's too.

I needed this reminder that we are all on our own journeys together to be more like Him.

Do you know what I mean?

I am SO glad that God is SO much bigger than me!

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