Monday, July 16, 2012

Church During Solitude?

It never occurred to me that I wouldn't/couldn't/didn’t have to…..go to church during my week of solitude!!  That is, until Bubba came!  Bubba, a pastor from Texas (that just sounds like a good Texas name doesn’t it!!), came a few months ago to lead our church in a spiritual growth conference which went from Sunday through Wednesday.  He stayed in our home and we had sweet time with him—it was especially special for my husband since Bubba had been a lay person in the very first church we served and it has been such a blessing to see how God has raised him up to become a Godly pastor.

His wife was the first friend I had after marrying a minister and moving to a church and even though we never get to see each other any more—we remain close and love each other very much.  I was sad she was not able to come for the conference.

Anyway…..Beth did not go to church while Bubba was here!!  What?  That is “allowed”?  Shocker!  Awesome!!  Way to go Beth!!  She and God had a precious time that morning and it did not involve people.  They have had a rough year with their church and it was refreshing for her to not be there.  Sad.  True.  People in church can be mean.

So… forward to my week of solitude.  Sunday comes…..and I wonder…..can I do what Beth did?  Can I not go to church too?  Honestly, it sounded dreamy…..and that sounds pathetic doesn’t it?  To not go to church and not feel guilty about it.  To not have to make up some excuse why you can't go.  (I confess, there have been times I have done that!!!)  Would anyone even call to see why I wasn't there?  Did anyone call Beth and ask her??  Tell her she was missed and really mean it?

Bottom line—no, I would not/could not not go to church!  I am committed to teach a precious group of women that I love.  I needed corporate worship.  I needed people.  It had been six days of solitude by then and I needed/wanted fellowship.  I was desperate for encouragement (but actually got some very discouraging news).  A hug (which I got from a precious woman!).  (By the way, which is worse, that I did not want to reach out to anyone that week or that no one wanted to reach out to me that week?).

What do you normally do (or want to do) when your husband is out of town on a Sunday? 
Blessings to you today as you seek Him for your fulfillment!!  Sometimes Monday's are hard for ministers and wives!!  I am praying for you!


Jennifer said...

Well girls, I have two observations about this post.
#1...Dana, did you really post this at 2:31 a.m.?!? If so, you might be my new hero. If I posted something at that time no one would be able to read it b/c it would be non-sensical.
#2...When Fred is out of town without me I typically go to church with my parents. I miss the freedom of visiting with them for a "weekend". I enjoy watching my mom in the choir and sitting with my dad in the service. It sounds weird, I guess, but I miss that the most.
Thank girls for posting these blogs. I always enjoy reading them.

Dana said...

#1...Ha! It was actually closer to 4 or 5 a.m.!! I woke up with it on my mind/heart so I got up and wrote it! I realized a few hours later that it was for sure "non-sensical" I edited it some!!

#2...I love that you are able to worship with you parents...never take that for granted. A blessing for sure! Thankful for the legacy they have passed on to you and the legacy you are passing on to your children!!

#3...Glad you enjoy reading the posts. Honestly, I forget that anyone actually does read them! If I thought anyone read them, it would give me diarrhea!!

Tara said...

Dana you literally made me Lol!

With my husband doing Associational work, I attend church 80% of the time without him, so it makes the time he is with me very sweet.

Like you, I am committed to places that God has led me to plug into and invest in ministry in. Also, like you I need that corporate worship, but I can understand and relate to your girlfriend who needs the space too.