Friday, July 6, 2012

Just for Fun

The women’s ministry at our church is hosting a salad dinner at the end of July.  The theme for the event is “Visiting with Vickie.”  With all the running back and forth that I have done since we began our ministry here in January, I have not had an opportunity to meet all the ladies nor do the ladies know me.  For instance, I recently sat at a table with an older lady and we began talking.  I introduced myself and she said, “Oh, I was coming to the women’s event because I wanted to meet our new pastor’s wife.”  Now, this is really sad, because I am a very involved pastor’s wife and love to fellowship with the congregation. 

Because “Visiting with Vickie” will be an interview format like what you may see on a television program, I have been asked to submit a few questions to help get the question time going.  (I actually think the women’s team is setting up like the set of The View).  So girlfriends, I need your help.  What should I tell these ladies about me?  I am looking for fun questions, and of course, some serious ones.  Some of you who know me personally and know some things I have done, go easy on me.  The whole point of me asking for your advice is that I want the ladies of the church to see me as real.  I want them to know what makes me tick. 

So come on crazy friends and send some questions my way. 



Pat said...

Let's see, I can think of a few! What's your favorite candy? What makes you break out in hives? How did you respond when you were told you were going to be a grandmother?
Seriously: Over the past 6 months, with all the changes life has thrown you, how have you managed to "stay afloat"? How can the ladies in our church support you and help you to stay connected to us?
Love you friend and am praying for your special evening with these ladies!

Lana said...

Where do you turn when you are stressed? (chocolate)

Where do you turn when you are happy? (chocolate)

What is your favorite theme for a party? (chocolate)

What is your favorite smell? (chocolate)

Does this help? Chocolate would!!

Harrison said...

This is a random comment, but thank you SO much for this blog. I had no idea it was out there. My husband just forwarded an email to me that just happened to have the link to the blog in the email. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Lana said...

Harrison, I'm so glad you found us. We have five different pastors' wives who take turns posting. Each one will post at least two times a week, so come back often. This is an active blog. Thanks for leaving comments.

Vickie said...

I am just now getting to read these comments. Gee, I really didn't realize just how bad a chocoholic I am. Hey, but it does make life fun. I love and miss you gals because you might me laugh!