Thursday, July 12, 2012

True Confessions from a Week of Solitude

So…..during my week of solitude I learned a lot of things….the first one being that without having to deal with people—I sin a lot less!!  Hummm…..does that sound crazy?  I shared a little of this with the ladies in my Sunday school class this past week and I got a lot of funny looks!!  Surely, you, a fellow ministers wife understand what I am saying, don’t you? 

It is all of those people in my life that make me sin!!  Right?  J  If it weren’t for all of those people, I’d sin a lot less!!  Sure, I would still sin….but people are instigators of it!!  Right?  J  If people were more like me/us… would be a lot easier.  Right?  J 

One of those people who gives me lots of opportunities to sin is my husband!  However, while he was away ministering in a third world country, I was so very kind and loving to him the few times I was able to talk to him on the phone.  My attitude was positive and not negative.  I was attentive to his every word and focused on what he was doing and where he was going.  There was no resentfulness on my part that he was never home and I was not upset with him for not noticing the fun green trim I had put on the lamp shades! 

Unlike some weeks, there were no vain imaginations about wondering if I married the right guy because this one does not care if the grass is a little long or brown with drought or if the trash is over-flowing.  I did not get upset or angry or defensive or pout over important things like an empty toilet paper roll (why in the world does he not put a new roll on the holder???  It does not take an engineer!!  Oops, sorry….), I was not frustrated with him for not listening to his voice mail messages, or chewing ice.

God convicted me big time!!  He showed me that I had begun to be defensive and resentful and unkind and unthoughtful and critical toward my precious, handsome, Godly man.  The man who God gave me because He knew exactly what I needed!!  The enemy had been successful in distracting me from the good qualities he has and pointed my mind towards his every flaw—while totally avoiding my own flaws!!!

I welcomed my husband home with open arms and a thankful heart—grateful for the time I had in solitude—and more even more grateful that he is home!! 

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