Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mohawk Man

Have you ever had a conversation similar to this with your husband before? 

Me:  Honey, I think there is something wrong with my car.
Him:  What’s it doing?
Me:  I don’t know… just doesn’t sound right.
Him:  What does it sound like?
Me:  I don’t know….it is making a funny noise.
Him:  What kind of funny noise?
Me:  I don’t know how to describe it.
Him:  I will drive it around the block and see if I can hear it.
Him:  I drove it and didn’t hear anything wrong.

Well, my husband and I had that very conversation a few weeks ago.  Fast forward a few weeks to last week.  I am driving to Illinois to speak to the pastor’s wives at their state convention.  (By the way, I’d LOVE to hear how the TBC minister’s wives lunch went!!).  I get through Indianapolis and head west toward Illinois…..then, of course, I have to stop to go potty (I had lunch at McAlister’s and if you have ever had their tea….you understand why I needed to stop and go potty!  Their tea is amazing and HUGE and I had multiple refills!!)

Anyway…..I exit and all of a sudden my car will not “go”!!  It is running.  I am pushing the gas pedal and it won't go.  Something is wrong!  Cars are piling up behind me…..I am doing this “lurching forward” motion with my body trying to get the car to move….it is coasting….but no thanks to my “lurching”.  I guess I thought it would let the angry drivers behind me know that at least I was trying to get my car to go!!

I coast into a rocky parking lot with lots and lots of damaged cars all over the place.  Tons of them.  There was a white building with three garage type doors….all closed.  I get out of the car.  Walk to the building to see if anyone was “home”.  Finding an unlocked door, I hesitantly open it and call out “Anyone home”?  “Home”?  Really?  Dana, did it look like a home??

Anyway…..inside this building were several cars (all in various stages of disrepair), tools, grease, and very loud music.  Out from behind one of the cars comes the tallest, largest, baldest, tattoo bearingist, nose ring wearingist, man with a Mohawk unlike I have ever seen before.  He graciously walks with me to my car which is in the middle of his lot, opens the hood, pulls out the oil stick, wipes his fingers along it, smells it, (WHO does that with his fingers??  I always see people doing it with a greasy rag but NEVER a finger!  Mohawk man is a MAN!!)  He says it is my transmission and he can fix my car!!

Great!  “Can you fix it in the next 45 minutes so I can get on the road to Illinois?  AND can I use your bathroom?”  “No and Yes”.  To make a really long story not so long…..I leave my car with Mohawk man in the middle of who-knows-where, rent a car, continue to Illinois and spend some beautiful, encouraging time with pastor’s wives in Illinois. 
It occurred to me as I drove away that I just might have left my car at a chop shop and when I return it will be in a million pieces and sold.  AND I was going out be out a lot of money renting a car and getting a transmission fixed....AND I wanted to tell my husband "I told you my car was acting up!!" 
Some of you will understand what I mean when I say, "Those were a bunch of rocks I was about to pick up and put them in my proverbial wagon!!"

But I honestly thought to myself, "I am the most blessed woman!!"  Here my car breaks down AFTER I was off of the busy Indianapolis interstate traffic.  It broke down AFTER I got off the Interstate heading west.  It coasted into Mohawk man’s place of business who could fix it (granted, it would take 6 days and a TON of money!!).  I was able to rent a car and make it to Illinois in time!!  I will NOT put those rocks in my wagon!!

I felt His presence and His hand upon me and I am in awe that He watches over me!!  Psalm 91:11 “For He orders His angels to protect you wherever you go” NLT

I am thankful for Mohawk man.  I am thankful for a God who knows my every need.  I am thankful for you!

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Sara said...

And we are thankful for YOU!