Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Personal Hills

Whew!  I just returned from a walk around my neighborhood.  It is not a leisurely walk.  On my chosen route there is a steep hill.  It is a hill that at times I want to stop, about-face, and run down.  However, I am determined to get my pudgy, chocolate indulged body fit again.  As I huff and puff I put one foot in front of the other and slowly trudge uphill.

After I accomplished my hill obstacle today, I had an epiphany.  As families in the ministry-and as Christians- we must daily face our personal “hills.”  They are steep.  They are rugged.  We stumble and sometimes loose our footing and fall.  At times on our hills, there are other obstacles such as hidden sins which we must climb over.  There are even times when we stop, turn around and run back down the “hill” because it is overwhelming.  However, when we quit, we miss the lessons and blessings God has for us when we reach the top of our hill.

Ladies, let me encourage you.  I-along with you- must face our ministry/life “hill” daily.  We are in a battle that rages in the spiritual realms.  Satan’s greatest desire for us is to throw in the towel and quit.

Just like the hill in my neighborhood makes me cringe each time I attempt to climb it, sometimes life’s hills wear us down and make us grow weary in our ministry and in our Christian walk.  However, we have a great God that is our trainer and motivator.  He is walking right beside us.  He is encouraging us.  When we reach the top of the hill we are climbing today, our Lord reveals His lesson He wanted us to learn and showers us with His blessings that await us.

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