Tuesday, May 13, 2014


We are never promised a tomorrow.  When it is "your time" nothing can protect you. 

In the last few months, it seems as every time we turn around, there is another funeral to attend.  Some are of bodies that are diseased.  Some of the bodies are just worn out.  Some are of sudden illnesses and others are "accidents".

No matter the circumstances or reasons, for HUMANS here on EARTH (the remaining family and friends)....DEATH IS NOT EASY.

Roger and I have experience two types of deaths with both of our fathers.  His dad was killed in a freak accident; trusses from a building site fell on him and killed him suddenly at the age of 54 years old.  That was very hard.....nothing prepared us for his death.

My dad was on the kidney dialysis machine for 20 1/2 years and we literally watched him slowly die before our eyes at the age of 62 years.  That was very hard also.  It is very hard for me to remember a time when he was not sick.


In the spiritual sense, death is the ultimate reward; being in the presence of the Lord.  However, in our feeble human minds, we can not comprehend "eternal".  It is hard to imagine....beyond here on earth.  Also, in our selfish, humanly minds, we do not want to ever "let go" of our loved ones.


This past week, one of my 37 year old co-workers lost her husband to a tragic vehicle accident.  She is grieving.  His parents are grieving.  His children are grieving.  His granddaughter is asking for him.  His other granddaughter will never know him.


We never know when our time will come......or when one of our loved ones' time will come, so it is very important to ALWAYS BE READY.  Tell your loved ones you love them and mend broken fences.  We are not promised a tomorrow.

For Humans.....DEATH IS NOT EASY.......but God will see you through it.

Ladies, know that I love you and pray that it is not in God's plan for you to personally experience this pain, but that you will be the rock to help others that are hurting....in your church family and community.

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