Friday, May 30, 2014

Housework Hallelujah

Okay sisters.  I need you to be honest.  When you are having your quiet time, do you find things you read humorous?  I will be completely honest and state that I do find myself giggling at some of the quiet time reading I do.  In addition, when I find something funny, my mind immediately starts to wander in silly circles.  Now as a minister’s wife, I feel guilty about not staying focused.

Well, today I had one of these moments.  I had completed my Bible reading and was enjoying the Journey devotional guide produced by Lifeway.  The writer challenged us to “allow our task” to draw us closer to the Father Creator.  That is when I laughed and my mind went into “wandering” mode.

How in the world is the task of housework drawing me closer to God?  I hate housework!  Dusting makes me sneeze.  Vacuuming is boring. Ironing is slave work.  Besides I feel unappreciated when everything is done and no one notices.  When I am forced to do these chores, I usually grumble.

Hey wait a minute!  As I am writing this blog, I have realized something in my blonde, chocolate overloaded brain.  I need to be thankful that I have a family I can clean up after.  God blessed me with these “nasty” (I am laughing right now) people.  Oh and God gave me the arms and legs to do all this housework.  Gee, and every time I sneeze while dusting, I should be thankful for breath.  Hallelujah!  Housework can draw me closer to the Father Creator!

So girlfriends, what mundane task draws you closer to the Lord?  As you answer the question, I will excuse myself so I can dance and praise the Lord with my Swiffer Duster and trusty vacuum cleaner.


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Lana said...

You are such a hoot. I love reading your posts!