Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Until Death Do Us Part

Marriage should be FOREVER.....until death do us part.  However, in the sinful world that we live in, that is not the norm.

Every time I turn around, I hear of another marriage that is in trouble. 

I know that this is just Satan's way of gaining control; if He can break down the family, he has won his biggest battle.

It breaks my heart that people are so quick to "throw in the towel."  I do realize that many times, divorce is unavoidable because Satan has really taken control; for example - adultery, abuse, etc. seems as if, lately, I hear more and more marriages crumbling because "they are not compatible" or they "no longer love each other" or they are "tired of each other". 

Maybe love stories in books, magazines or movies have given us a warped sense of what true love and marriage is. 

Marriage is not easy.
Marriage is not a one time commitment.
Marriage is not all fun and joy.
Marriage is a lot of work.

Marriage is a full time job for the rest of your lives.  It is not even a 50/50 give and should be willing to give 100%.
Marriage is an unselfish, binding contract.
Marriage is a commitment to each other and to God; a contract that is to not be broken.

Lack of Communication is the root of many problems.

I know that I am preaching to the choir.....but ladies, as leaders, let's encourage our ladies of the church and women we come in contact with to NOT GIVE UP

The world is saying......throw the towel in.  Let's be there to help encourage them and show them that that is the coward way out and not the path that is pleasing to God. 

And as I wrote yesterday, everyone needs to remember....we are not promised a tomorrow.