Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"This Too Shall Pass"

Does anyone know the origin of the phrase, "This too shall pass." Is it Biblical? I know I could probably do a Google search on it and have an answer . . . But, honestly I really don't care how the saying got started.

I've heard it all my life. Maybe one of my grandparents were the first to utter those words to me. However, as I get older I realize how true it is. This too shall pass...

Dana, in her last post, talked about the "season" that she finds herself in. We are all in a different season aren't we. Each of the bloggers that write for this blog were chosen because we are all in a different season of life. I'm the "young" one, the one with kids, with kids at home.

My kids are the ones that remind me all too often that "this too shall pass."

Sometimes I realize that "this" is "passing" all too quickly. My oldest starts middle school in August at the same time my middle starts kindergarten. I find myself thinking, "Can this really be happening already?!" It seems like just yesterday I was wondering if the oldest would survive her first days of kindergarten and whether or not the middle would ever be potty trained.

Other times the "passing" of whatever "this" may be, seems to be happening way to slow. My youngest, at seven months has recently reverted back into a middle-of-the-night feeding. In my head I know that she won't always wake in the wee hours crying for me to feed her. So, I am trying to train my heart to appreciate the stillness with her while I rock and give her a bottle. But it is hard as my body resents the interruption in my REM cycle and longs for the sleep I am missing.

We are all on our own journeys with our Lord. His word has promised us that nothing in our lives happens without His planning and purposes. We are assured that good will be brought out of whatever "season" we find ourselves in. We cling -or need to be clinging- to His promises that He will complete what He has begun in us. We know that "this" is not being wasted, not in us or in His grand plan.

And we know that "this too shall pass."

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