Friday, May 9, 2014

"You Will Have Trouble"

No body likes this phrase. No one wants to think about it. Some "preachers" won't even it acknowledge that Jesus Himself said it first. "You will have trouble."

Somewhere, somehow, sometime long ago through happy ending sit-coms, and happily every after fairy tales, we all buy into this notion that everything is supposed to work out and end up just how and when we want them to. Honestly, I believe God put this desire in all of us so we would seek our "something more" in Him. We just want it now, on our time frame, without the "trouble."

The best fictional stories all have conflict. The best non-fiction stories all have it too. We want to know how the hero or heroine deals with "trouble" through the "seasons" or "seasons" of their lives. We long to know how it ends. Yet somehow, we want the easy path. We want our lives to be "trouble" free. Why is that?

No one likes the "trouble seasons."

God is writing His story with our lives. In the sunny "seasons" and the rainy ones, He is telling the world about His love for us, His people. Just look at Jesus . . .

Jesus had tough "seasons" of His life too. Really tough. And since He did, shouldn't we expect them in ours?

In the book of John, He tells us that we will have trouble:

 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (NIV)

As I've blogged this week, I have been very aware that some of you may be going through "trouble."I know of ministers' wives in our association that are facing various trials and heartaches. Even my fellow blogger, Vickie, is coping with her father's final homecoming this week.

This verse is my favorite. The phrase, not so much, but the verse - most definitely!!!

Dear Sister, look at the powerful promises Jesus' squeezes this truth about "trouble" in between!

1. In Him we may find peace. He has told us these things so we know we are not alone in our "season" of "trouble."

2. He has overcome the world. He has guaranteed that "this too shall pass" with His victory over this sinful, dark and troubled world.

Yes, we "will have trouble." Jesus said so and He never lies. But we cling to His other words. We "seize the day," this day, that He's given us and know that "this too shall pass."

Till next time sweet sister, know that you are in my prayers as you are in whatever "season" you are in. . .

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Lana said...

Thanks for your blog, Tara. April 1 I fell and crushed my elbow and am still only working a few hours each day from home. I still have pain in my lower arm, wrist and hand. It has been a long 6 1/2 weeks with several weeks to go. I needed the promise that this too shall pass.