Friday, May 16, 2014

No Time

Do you ever find yourself too busy to do what needs to be done?  Do you ever over-committed?  Do you ever get so busy you get frustrated?

Being a school teacher, that is the way I feel every year about this time.  There is soooooo much that HAS to be done to complete the year.  This week, I have been taking up 110 permission slips, taking up money and making final arrangements for field trip on Friday.After school today, I will have to go purchase colas, watermelons and dessert....make sure we have enough coolers, etc.

On top of that....our final grades are due; classroom inventories are dues; our textbook forms are due; I am getting our Awards Day together, etc. for next week and trying to pack up my classroom for the summer.

Besides EVERYTHING at goes on.  We have church obligations, hospital visits to make, funerals to attend and we try to squeeze time in for the grandbabies, etc.

My last day of school will be the Wednesday after Memorial Day and our VBS starts the following Sunday night.

WHEWWWWWW........this is an extremely busy and stressful time for me. spite of everything, I have to make sure that I do not get so busy I leave my time with God out.  I have to even work extra hard to keep a positive attitude and keep my spirits up.....because folks are watching...........and Satan will use whatever he can to try to tear us down.

I know that all of you are just a busy as me.  Just a reminder.....make time for God....keep a positive attitude.....keep your spirits up; let others see Jesus in you and remember, as Tara wrote last week.....THIS TOO SHALL PASS.


Lana said...

It made me tired just reading it!But if anyone can do it you and Jesus can! Love you, friend.

Kathy Britton said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Lana. Love you too.....and have been PRAYING for you and your little side journey...glad to hear everything is slowly getting back to "normal",