Tuesday, May 23, 2017



Have I mentioned to you that I HATE change?  I would like to blame it on my age, but all through my life I have not been a fan of change.  I like comfort.  Comfort comes with familiar things.  Change is scary.

Our 6th grade Science teacher is retiring.  We will have a new teacher next year.  Our band director is retiring.  We will have a new band director next year.  Our principal has been transferred to another school, so we will have a new boss next year.  Our school secretary is getting married and moving, so we will have a new secretary next year.

This is just to name the changes that I am currently aware of.


I do not like change.....although I know that it is necessary.
I have found out that our new, incoming principal is a lady that was at our school a few years back as a teacher.  She is a wonderful Christian lady and while working with her as a co-worker, I really respected her.  She has a passion for her job.
And....I know my current boss is at a point in her life where the "change" for her is a good move.
So....all in all......next years changes will all work out and I need to quit stressing.

All of this being said.............I dodge change and then I wonder WHY our older members tend to lean on the fact that "we've always done it this way....so why change?"  Smile.

We have been at the same church, ministering for going on 21 years.  We have seen LOTS of changes.  Changes are scary.  Changes run folks off.

BUT.....changes are not always bad.  We are old-school, but did not want to sit and watch our church die............therefore to reach the younger generation....the millennials.....we had to do some changes.

We prayed and prayed about it.  Because....remember, change is not always welcomed.

After much prayer, we concluded that the MESSAGE is the same;  the GOSPEL is still the same; GOD is still the same......the only thing that needed to be changed was the way it was delivered.

EXAMPLE:  We had always had a music director with a choir and the Baptist Hymnal.

We NOW have a worship team that sings hymnals and contemporary music.  It is a PERFECT blend.  Even our older members are loving it.  The words are projected on the big screen........and the older generation that was opposed to that initially finally discovered that it was MUCH easier to read from the screen than the little print in the hymnal.

Yes.....we lost a few members in the process.......but we gained many, many more members.  As I have blogged before, our little country church runs about 75-85 in Sunday School and about 100-125 for preaching and at least 85% of those are under the age of 35-40 years old.

CHANGE is scary................because we fear the unknown..............but change is not always a bad thing.

Let's strive to be open to change.......whatever it takes to reach the lost.

That is just ONE way that our church has changed

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