Tuesday, May 23, 2017

From the Mouth of Babes

As I sit pondering this blog, I am outdoors watching and listening to my four and half year-old grandson, Gideon, use his imagination in play.  He is a true blessing from God.  He is smart and his mind goes so fast it is hard to keep up.

I have just finished my quiet time which was in Jonah.  Before I began, I asked Gideon if he minded if I read my Bible while he played.  He said, “Vivi, you can read your Bible anytime you watch me play.” (Wow, he gets that we can read God’s word any time and any place). 

Next I told him that I was reading from the story of Jonah and asked if he knew who he was.  “Of course, I do, Vivi.  Jonah was swallowed by a whale because he didn’t do what God wanted him to do,” replied Gideon.  My heart smiled as I knew this boy is being taught biblical truths by church leaders and his parents.

The next lesson Gideon taught me was that we all must obey God.  “Vivi, when Jonah told God he was sorry, the whale spit him out and Jonah started doing what God wanted him to do,” stated Gideon.  Yep, when we tell God we are sorry, our life gets better as we pursue God’s plan for our lives.

Although I knew all these facts, the simple lesson provided by my precious little one warmed my heart.  It really has nothing to do about being a minister’s wife.  However, maybe it does.

First, our schedules get so hectic.  We rush from one thing to another.  Some days it seems there is not a minute to spend with the Lord.  One thing I have learned is that I can have five to ten minutes a day with the Lord.  For instance, after power walking I cool off.  This is when I often take my devotional and I sit by the pond and read His word for a few minutes.  No, it is not an hour of study but my time in The Word renews my soul.

Second, sometimes as ministry families we can refuse to follow the Lord’s direction.  Maybe a church is calling us but we want to stay where we are.  If you have ever experienced this situation, you know God will send “a whale” to get our attention and redirect us. 

Third, all too often our congregations think ministry families are perfect and thus never sin.  Well, the truth is that we are all sinners and have fallen short of God’s glory.  Each day I must ask the Lord’s forgiveness for some unkind thought or an action I have done.  I will never be perfect until I reach my heavenly home.  I have found that when I am out of God’s will my life is miserable.  Since I am a stubborn person, I will fight against God’s discipline until I am exhausted and emotionally drained.  However, when I come to Him and ask for forgiveness, my Heavenly Father restores me and I am more in tune to His purpose for my life.

So, little Gideon reminded me of simple truths from the book of Jonah.  As the saying goes, “a child will lead them.”

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