Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Life is not Always Fair!

Life is not always fair.

I know we are not suppose to question things, but sometimes it is hard.

We know a family who has a daughter that is right at 3 years old.  At ten months old the daughter was diagnosed with MPS (Hurlers Disease; a rare, incurable disease.)  Mom would up and had to move to Cincinnati, OH for months while their daughter prepared for a bone marrow transplant.  The transplant does not cure the simply slows it down.  The little girl is currently facing numerous surgeries in her upcoming future.  She wears glasses and braces on her legs and back.  Google it.  It is a very MEAN disease.

For a child to be born with this disease, both mom and dad have to be carriers.  Because of this, they were not planning to have any more children.  As we all know....sometimes God has other plans.  Even, with birth control, mom got pregnant.  Soon they discovered that the new baby was a boy.  He was born two weeks ago this coming Friday.  Because sister has MPS....they tested brother as soon as he was born so see.  He had a 25% chance of having it.  OR....a 75% chance of NOT having it.....whichever way you choose to look at it.

Everyone...including mom and dad....felt like God gave them this baby.  They tried to prevent the pregnancy, but God had other plans.

They have been anxiously awaiting the results.

Monday......they got the results.  Brother has MPS also.  They begin their traveling back and forth next week to Cincinnati, OH for treatments and preparations for the bone marrow transplant that can not take place until he is two months old.  They will be also preparing to move to Cincinnati, OH where he can receive the medical care that he needs.  Mom and sister will be going with him.  Dad has to stay here to work.

PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS FAMILY.  They are a Christian family and fully trust in Him.

Pray for dad as he is left behind....and traveling back and forth on weekends to see his family.

Pray for mom, sister and especially baby brother.

Keep praying for sister also.  Her MPS journey has just began and now brother will be traveling the same road.

There are different degrees of the disease.  Brothers could be worse than sisters or not as bad as sisters.

PLEASE life this family up in your prayers............the Ladd Family from Tennessee.  For over two years we have prayed for Baby we are adding Baby Lincoln to our prayer list.

LIFE IS NOT FAIR..................but....we only see the window....God sees the big picture and we have to keep reminding ourselves........God is STILL in control.

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