Thursday, May 18, 2017

"I Want You to Read This . . ."

My husband asked me to a read a book.

In the 18 and nearly a half years we have been married, he has never asked me to a read a book.

We've read the same books before, but this time, he finished this particular book and asked me to read it.

When I asked where his copy was, he said that he wanted me to get my own copy so I wouldn't be influenced by this underlining and marginal notes.

I did not hesitate, but reached for my phone, selecting the Amazon app and ordered the book. Thanks to our Prime membership, in two days I held it in my hands, took a deep breath and opened the paperback to the first pages.

What is this page turner you ask?

No, it isn't a novel. It isn't the latest offering of his favorite theologian. Honestly, it isn't even spiritual in nature....

It's a business book. No, I guess it is better described as a leadership book.

I haven't finished it yet, I am only about half through.

It's a good book and is making me think. The book has brought some new ideas to my attention, and is changing how I am approaching my job at the church. There are implications for my personal walk with Christ and the direction He is giving me for ministry.

What IS this book you ask?

I am not going to tell you.

This post isn't about the book despite all the words I have dedicated to its credibility and  effectiveness. Instead, it is about the man who suggested I should read it.

Honestly, if a pastor suggests a book that would grow me and challenge me, most days I would be more likely to buy that book from Amazon then one I've seen my husband read.

Yet, when MY man stepped up into his leadership role and kindly, suggested that I read this particular book, I didn't hesitate to buy it OR invest the time needed to read it. He knew it would be good for me, for us, that I would read it... I chose to trust him and his leadership.

I am so glad I did.

In the past few weeks, it has spurred more thoughtful conversations and great dialogue between us. I am pointing out a news story I saw on a network morning show. He is emailing me a blog post that addresses the book's themes. We are talking how these secular themes could be translated into the sacred work of the church.

I love it.

I love him.

I don't write this to make you green, wishing your husband would be more like mine, but to encourage you to look for a few things:
  1. Have you missed an opportunity to bond with your man because you too quickly dismissed something he has interest in or has tried to talk to you about, as being boring or uninteresting?
  2. Could he be trying to lead you and your family, but you are too caught up in your own agenda or interests that you've failed to give him the opportunity? 
  3. Have you prayed that your groom would be a spiritual leader within the home and not merely at church?
If I am honest with you, I'd answer the above questions this way:
  1. Yes, too many times to count.
  2. I am afraid that is too often true.
  3. No, not like I should be. 
Sometimes, as women carrying the weight of Eve's curse, we get in our own way. 

Let's commit to pray to allow the Spirit to show us where we should apologize to our husbands and how we can be a better helpmate to him. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to try to finish another chapter before bed tonight...

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