Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Biggest Story

One of my favorite aspects of my job is leading chapel time with the older preschoolers of our weekday preschool program.

At each gathering, I hold a Bible before the children and they recite with me a few basic facts about the Good Book - "It's God's word. It's always true. It's one big book with lots of little books."

In the faith-based program, we intentionally teach the children various stories from the Bible. However, it is hard to explain to these little ones that each individual Bible story is merely a small part of the large story of the Bible.

For Easter, my husband and I gave each our daughters books that would point them toward the true reason for the holiday. The one we got our middle daughter is truly the coolest.

Kevin DeYoung's "The Biggest Story," does a truly beautiful job explaining how all those little books and individual stories are connected into the most epic of true stories.

As I read aloud "How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden," to my girls, I was struck how this "Biggest Story" can impact my perspective too.

The Bible isn't just a book to turn to when things get rough. It isn't just something that we pull out on Sundays or to prep for Vacation Bible School. It isn't just some list of ancient truths that we can apply to our modern lives.

Just as I wrote in my last post, the Bible is SO many things, but it is also the true story of how our Creator God has gone to incredible lengths to redeem His people and bring us back into fellowship with Him.

He is the main character of this true epic.

Yet, the story does not end with the book of Revelation. It is still being written on the tablets of our hearts with the details of what He is doing with our lives.

As believers, we have been grafted into this tale. It is all written in His Great Book of Life - along with the ending, that we have yet to see.

When Christ returns and ALL the promises of the Bible are fulfilled - then the happiest of ever after's will come to pass. He will be ultimately glorified and we will be made perfect.

His Word, this "biggest story," is a reminder that our lives are not really about us. My life, by His grace, is just a very minor role in the most amazing love story ever imagined.

Perhaps next school year when I lead the preschoolers in reciting factual statements about the Bible I will change it up a bit or add a new fact:

 "It's God's word. It's always true. It's one big book with lots of little books. AND it is one amazing story with lots of little parts."

Thank you Lord for giving us as believers a part of your story....

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