Thursday, May 4, 2017

Waiting for Answers

“Wait for and confidently expect the Lord: Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for and confidently expect the Lord.”  Ps. 27:14

I am not good at the waiting game.  As a child, I could not wait for my birthday or Christmas.  I LOVE surprises so I would grow more anxious the closer those dates grew.  My mom would just say, “Be patient and wait.”  Well, being patient and waiting are not in my makeup and God is certainly teaching me those lessons now.  As a minister’s wife, one would think I would have this successfully passed this lesson long ago.

For weeks now I have been praying the same prayer daily for my two sons who are in job transitions.  I even half joked to my mom in ministry that God was probably tired of my same prayer.  She quickly stated that God never grows tired of hearing the pleading heart of his children. Well, I am still pleading and waiting.

That is when I ran across the Psalm 27:14 again in my quiet time.  Yes, it says wait.  I know God’s timing is perfect but my heart is anxious.  However, I am learning to be thankful for this waiting period because it means God is up to something.

Then the verse says to “confidently expect the Lord.” Wow, although I have read this verse many times, these words boldly stuck out.  These words show action on my part.  I need to confidently expect God to answer my prayer at just the right moment so that He alone can receive praise.

These past few weeks I have slowly been placing these two very important request in the Father’s lap.  Sure, at times I go back, pick them up, and worry with them.  However, I am truly trying to be strong and be courageous.  I have several friends praying with me on this matter.  Two different ladies who do not know each other said the same thing “God did not place your sons in dream jobs and open doors to come back and yank it from them.  They just have to persevere through this trial period.” 

So yes, as a minister’s wife I will keep storming Heaven’s throne room, confidently pleading with my Father to do even more than I, or my sons, can imagine.  Until God answers I will wait and be confident.

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