Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Quiet Time.....

I mentioned yesterday that "Bible Journaling" is a stress relief for me.  I am a doodler by nature.

I shared with a group of Ladies at a conference once that I have a bit of A.D.D. in me.  I get BORED with the same ole, same ole...................so I CHANGE my "devotions" or quiet time.
  • Sometimes I am going through a "Bible Study" book, where there is scriptures and work to do each day.  Right now, on Sunday nights, we are going through David Evan's Study...."DETOURS" so I am doing my "homework" each day.
  • Sometimes I use "Devotion Books".....read the scripture....the explanation and then write it down in my own words or what it means to me.
  • Sometimes I "Bible Journal" my Redneck Style.  I will find something on "Pinterest"....look up the scripture, meditate and many times go back and read the scriptures before and after that verse.
  • Sometimes I simply read the BIBLE and absorb God's Word.
I REALLY enjoy the "Bible Journaling" when I am stressed......because it is relaxing.

I can COPY..................but I am not creative enough to do much with my own ideas yet.  I hope to get there someday.  One day, recently, I was struggling with FORGIVENESS.....so I DID do this one on my own.....but it was quite simple.

PINTEREST is my FRIEND.....so I copy samples off there.  Some of my favorite....


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