Sunday, April 1, 2018

Jesus is Alive!

Although the world wants to deny Christ existence or at best just say he was “a good man,” the fact is Jesus is a real person.  He suffered and died on a cruel cross and was placed in a dark, cold tomb for three days.  Oh, but on that third day, death could not hold him.  He rolled back the stone from the entrance of the tomb and walked out.  He broke the chains of death.  HE’S ALIVE!

The world around us needs to see the JOY believers have in Christ.  They need to see us celebrating victory over death.  Yes, we experience trials and sufferings.  The world stops and wonders why Christians can face their trials.  The answer is that our joy is found in Christ and nothing can rob us of it.

HOPE is another thing our world needs.  Stock markets crash, violence is splashed across the tv screens, and war rages.  Is it a wonder that stress and depression exist?  Families are torn apart through divorce, suicides, addictions and so much more.  Where is their hope?  Christians need to share-in the grocery line, at school, at our jobs, etc.- the hope found in Jesus Christ with the dying world. 

On this Easter Sunday and every day, let’s proclaim to the world around us that . . .

                       JESUS IS ALIVE!

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