Monday, April 9, 2018

When Your Plans Change

I am supposed to be in Tennessee right now!

I am supposed to be at the TBCSA (Tennessee Baptist Convention Secretaries Association) right now!

I am supposed to be teaching Excel right now!

I am supposed to teach Time Management tomorrow!

But instead…..

I am in Indiana.

I am in much pain because I have done something crazy, ridiculous to my back.

I am bummed.  Sad.  Teary.  Disappointed.

I am pretty sure we all have had to make that dreaded phone call telling someone that you cannot do/attend/help whatever it is you had committed to do/attend/help with…..and I am pretty sure we have all gotten that dreaded phone call.

No one likes to make the call and no one likes to get that call.

I am so grateful for the grace that Lana Rose extended to me when, while I was on my way to Tennessee, she got my sobbing phone call telling her I was in such pain I had to turn around to go home and see the Doctor.  When I sent the text telling her the Doctor said there was no way I was going to Tennessee...more grace was given.

Much grace was extended to me. 

As I ponder this…It hits me that I desperately want to extend much grace to those who disappoint me…or to those who thwart “my” plans….or to those who sadden me.

There are two things I must do in situations like this…whether I am the one making the ‘bad news’ call or the one receiving the ‘bad news’ call.

  1. I must trust God and His plan!  My “Truth” for the last year or two has been “God has a plan….and He will provide!”  (and faith lives in the gap between the plan and the providing.) 
  2. I must extend much grace.
Who do you need to extend much grace to? 

And, hummm....maybe I should share a few Time Management or Excel tips on the blog this week!

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