Saturday, July 11, 2009

Red Kool-Aid Days of VBS

It is Saturday afternoon and I am trying to recuperate from vacation bible school. Boomerang Express rolled in bright and early Monday morning with 150+ excited children. After weeks of planning and decorating the rooms, teachers worked hard to share Jesus with the children who walked through the church doors.

I could not help but reflect back on some memories of my childhood in VBS. Of course, there were the bible stories but what I really recall (and please do not ask me why) is the red Kool-Aid that was served daily. As I think on it, we served red Kool-Aid even when my children were VBS age. Could someone tell me if this is the official Baptist drink? Of course, now we serve a little healthier snack which some days includes juice.

Seriously, I asked a few friends to share some of their memories both from childhood and adulthood of their VBS experiences. Almost everyone loved the Bible stories and learning memories verse. It seems this is where we all began our journey in studying God’s word. Several ladies shared that their favorite childhood VBS memory was the music. One of my fellow staff wives said she loved the “sit down” and “stand up” chords from the “Dark Ages” of VBS. (Gee, I wonder if this is why she married the worship leader and plays the piano beautifully!) One friend shared that she loved doing the crafts and even still has a t-shirt that she made one year. Another girlfriend commented that as a child she loved all the stuff-glue, scissors, and crayons. Today she loves teaching and meeting the children and sharing Jesus with them. My new daughter-in-law says she loves the singing and dancing. Also, she says working with five years olds remind you to have a child-like faith that adults often forget.

However, one comment stands out for me. It comes from a friend who is a pastor’s daughter. She said that she loved helping her father get everything ready for VBS. It was a special time of bonding for the two of them. She said while preparing the material her father taught her about Christ’s unconditional love for people. In addition, she stated that the words to “Fairest Lord Jesus,” which she learned in Vacation Bible School, brought her great comfort as an adult when one of her children ran away from home. Today, she loves to teach the children and says, “the Lord always puts a child there that needs that special encouragement or needs that special Sergeant Sally discipline.”

So girlfriends, there are benefits from Vacation Bible School. Sure it is hard work and we are exhausted when the week is over, but a child always has favorite memories from VBS. Vacation Bible School is one of the biggest evangelism tools we have.

What are your favorite VBS memories?

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