Saturday, March 10, 2012

Random Reflections & Writings

Generational disagreements and "discussions" of worship preferences are nothing new to most Southern Baptist churches.

Our church is in the midst of one such season.

The "town hall" style meeting was electrically charged before the first deacon took to the microphone. Everyone seemed to be sizing up everyone else to see if they could determine what side of the issue a person was on without a word being spoken. After nearly two hours, the motion was passed to send the issue back to the deacons. A prayer was prayed. Most of us left wondering what in the world had just happened.

Since then, rumors have take flight, mean words have been spoken, and misunderstandings deepened. Tears have been shed.

These seasons are hard. Hard on the church and her mission. Hard on the staff as they try to focus on their jobs. Hard on their spouses who feel that they have no voice.

I have sat in countless business meetings with my tongue firmly held between my teeth. I have listened to my husband's frustrations and complaints. I have heard the rumors and wrath that should never be in the hearts of the faithful, much less on their lips.

These seasons drive me to my knees in prayer. I pray for kind words and a content spirit. I pray to be the encourager my husband needs. I pray for a forgiving, meek nature and a strength that is very visibly established through the Holy Spirit. I can not possess or do these things on my own.

As ministers' wives we have such an important role in these seasons. While we might not feel useful or able to lead, how we handle the conflict can indeed affect the outcome. If we are Christ-filled or not, people are watching. We can be used as a peacemaker or peacekeeper. We could also fan and fuel the flames that are causing the devastation and destruction.

What is it that you do? How do you handle the conflict and the division?

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