Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Random Writings -N- Reflections

"A Month Without Make Up" is exactly what Constance Rhodes did. Constance is an author and blogger. She tried this experiment to help support a campaign she helped to organize that "seeks to challenge the cultural views of beauty and identity to empower women  to impact our world for Christ."

I learned about it in last month's Home Life magazine. God taught Constance a lot over the course of her month without make up. The article was insightful and convicting to me at the same time.

She was challenged even with the name, "make up." What is it supposed to "make up" for? What are we subconsciously telling ourselves when when we buy it, use it, and feel like we cannot leave the house without it.

As a child, I can remember watching my older cousin put on her make up. I can't remember exactly what I said to Renee' but I remember her response, "Don't be too excited to start wearing make up, because once you start, you can never stop."

Often I "joke" with my husband and girls that I need to go put on or wash off my "face" when I refer to my make up. Without realizing it, my make up has become a very real symbol of the mask that I tend to wear.

Constance talked about not wearing her make up to church. Can you imagine that? What would people think? What would they say? I believe I would feel as vulnerable if I showed up without my clothes on. I am pretty sure that I would be that self-conscience. The place we should feel the best able to be ourselves and still feel love and acceptance is often not, especially when you are a minister's wife. How sad!

This is so convicting to me. I really do want to be transparent, at least that is what I say I want. I just don't know if I could do it or not. I mean I think twice when I leave the house to go exercise or run into Wal Mart without my "face" on. I could run into someone I know!

Now, I have also been forced to think and pray about what message I might be sending to my daughters and the teenagers I work with at church. What messages am I sending to them about self-image and self-worth?

Make up is not evil or of Satan. I think we should take care and pride in keeping our bodies. After all they are the temple of the Holy Spirit and our husbands appreciate the effort too. (Although, my man has said for years that he likes me better without the stuff . . .)

For me, it isn't about swearing the stuff off forever. It is a bigger heart issue, a perspective giver and an opportunity to take stock.

God is still talking to me about this. While I am not ready to start my own "Month Without Make Up," I am not ruling out the idea either. I am still praying about it. Maybe I could go a week? I don't know.

I think God could have some big lessons for me here too. Go to church without make up? What do you think? Should I try it? Would you consider it?

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